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Meaning of Cy Name , Cy name definition, origin of Cy name, What Does Cy Mean and History? Popularity of name Cy, Is there name in the Bible/Torah/Quran? Analysis, gender of Cy, Cy Name Statistics, Acrostic Poem About Cy other details;


Cy Name Meaning

What Does Cy Mean and History? Either derived from the Greek form of the Persian name Kûrush, which could be from khur, meaning “sun”. Also could be from the Greek kyrios, meaning “lord”.


Origin of Cy Name

Persian, Greek

Gender of Cy


Cy Name Analysis

Analysis of Cy Name Detection High , Dreamer

Cy Name Statistics

  • Color of Cy name: Blue
  • Number of letters of Cy: 2

Letter Analysis:


Analysis for each letter;

C : Science Eenthusiast
Y : Witty

What is the Numerology of Cy ?

 Cy name analysis

Numerology offers an insight into the personality by assigning numeric values to the letters contained in names.

C : 3
Y : 25

Total = 28

Characteristics of Cy

Numerology Analysis; Depends on Family , Creative

Popularity of Cy name

Unknonwn or hasn’t added any information.

Acrostic Poem About Cy

C is for Courteous, the way you are to others,
Yummy, so delectable

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Spelling Cy

NATO U.S. States Countries
Czech Republic

Is there Cy name in the Bible/Torah/Quran?

Cy name hasn’t been found in the Bible/Torah/Quran

Famous People Named Cy

Cyrus the Great was the creator of the Arabic Empire in the 6th century BC.

Similar Names Cy


Is Cy name fit for baby name ?

Our research results for the name of Cy is fit name.You can give to your baby with complacency.